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Cancer of the Cervix

By Dr Jyothi Padavala  November 1, 2016
Cancer is an excessive growth of any body tissue with a capability of spreading to other parts of the body. The cervix is the lower, narrow part of the uterus (womb). The cervix forms a canal that opens into the vagina, which leads to the outside of the body. Why is it important to diagnose and prevent?It is the most common cause of cancer in women in India with more than 72,000 deaths/year  Over 200 women die from Cervical Cancer every day.  On an average 8 woman die every hour and 1 woman dies every 7 minute.  Who is at risk in developing cancer of the cervix?Initiation of sexual intercourse before age 18 Multiple sexual partners Early age of marriage  First pregnancy at an early age  Four or more number of pregnancies  Women with poor personal hygiene  What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?Bleeding after sexual intercourse or in between periods Bleeding after menopause (menopause is the period after cessation of perio

Haemophilia Awareness Day 17th April

By Dr Suresh Hanagavadi  April 17, 2016
Treatment for All is Vision of All - Need concerted, committed efforts of All to achieve the vision.World Hemophilia Day 17, April is observed as World Hemophilia Day to commemorate the birth day of Mr Farnk Schanbel, hemophilic himself & founder of World Federation of Hemophilia. (WFH). The theme of this year declared by WFH is "Treatment for All is vision of All". It is call for all Hemophilia organizations, Medical & Para medical professionals, Government & general public for support to achieve our vision. What is Haemophilia? Haemophilia is inherited coagulation disorder caused by deficiency of certain clotting factors. The commonest is the deficiency of factor VIII, known as classical Haemophilia or Haemophilia A, followed by deficiency of factor IX, known as Christmas disease or Haemophilia B. Genetic Disorder: The mode of inheritance is "X linked recessive", affecting predominantly males & while females are asymptomatic carriers. 3

RCPsych Dean's Election - Vote for Subodh Dave

By Subodh Dave  April 11, 2016
Quality care is not possible without Quality Training.1) I believe in supporting trainers and trainees. 2) I aim for excellence in education in Psychiatry. Your support is vital. The Dean of RCPsych must ensure the welfare of trainees and enable/empower trainers to send a clear message that quality care is not possible without quality training.  As Dean, my key priorities will be Supporting trainees and trainers The imposition of the contract is a flashpoint following years of discontent. In Psychiatry this is particularly important as we have major problems in recruitment. Disengagement from training needs to be corrected while ensuring safe service delivery. The danger is that over-regulation will lead to more tick boxes affecting trainees's morale. Demoralised trainees and harried Clinical Supervisors need support and as a busy community psychiatrist I understand the pressures they face. Clinical and educational worlds need to work in conjunction and partnership,
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